• How long do vultures live?

         About 22 years in captivity


  • What is the average size of nests?

          From about 0,5m to 3,0m diameter.


  •  How many eggs do vultures lay?

          Only one.


  • How big are the eggs?

          The bigger vulture's eggs are the size of a

          goose egg, about 90X70 mm.


  • Why are nests not in the middle of trees?

          The bigger vultures have a large wingspan

          and cannot fly into the canopy of a tree.


  • What is the wingspan of a large vulture?

           A Lappet-faced Vulture has a wingspan of up to



  • What is the incubation period for vultures?

           Most of the larger vultures take 55 days to  



  • At what age, are vultures sexually mature?

           From three to six years.


  • Do all vultures nest in trees?

           No, some nest on cliffs.


  • Which is the heaviest vulture?

          The Cape Griffon can weigh up to 9 kg.

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