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Ringing on Commercial Farms

Involving farmers, their families and workers, the project brings the plight of Namibia’s vultures to the notice of the farming community as a whole.  As the majority of vultures feed on farms and this is where they are sometimes poisoned, the goodwill of landowners is essential to the survival of these birds.


The project has been very successful because it involves the people living on the land and the ringing of vulture chicks is an effective hands-on project leaving a lasting impression on all involved.  While in the field Vultures Namibia hands out booklets and posters about ringing, vultures, owls and other raptors as well as information on poisoning.  By sharing information on the misuse of poison and other threats to vultures, the project has had a significant impact on bringing the plight of vultures to public notice. 


The enthusiastic support of the farming communities involved in this project has resulted in many ambassadors for vultures who disseminate information and contributing significantly to the project.